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Let's give focused stacking a try here.…Essentially the scenario that I'm trying to capture…is, I have a close-up shot of this tree.…I'm shooting at a pretty wide-open shot here, I'm at…50 millimeters, and I want the tree in focus, but then…as we get further out, we've got this sort of spread…of ivy here, and I want to get that in focus, too.…Well, the challenge here is it's hard ...

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He is an environmental and media educator and has been an independent media producer for over 20 years. Jason is also a builder of renewable energy systems, a certified wilderness skills instructor and an EMT. He enjoys gardening, hunting and astrophotography in his free time.

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Unity Gain . NOTE: Unity Gain is a flawed concept in my opinion. It is included here for historical reference. Contrary to some posts on the net, I did not start this concept. It seems like a good idea: that the fundamental counting unit is one quanta: an electron. It seemed that one should not need to digitize a signal finer than 1 electron.

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But I use this camera and my experience has been that unity gain (111) works great. I have also used a gain of 53 in an attempt to get greater dynamic range but have not noticed much of a difference. I once tried -0- gain to get the maximum DR and ended up with banding that ruined the results of that imaging session.

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Unity gain is where one count on the sensor equals one count in the data. If you go too much below that, you lose resolution in the data. On the other hand, given 14-bit data, there is a maximum value that can be represented by a pixel count.

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After reading through that Article, I fail to find where it even Mentions let alone Discusses the concept of Unity Gain. Nor does it discuss ISO in terms of an Image Quality issue, rather only that one should lower the ISO if the Stars are in danger of being Over-Exposed.

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High “ISO at Unity Gain” – this is a measurement of the efficiency of the sensor. There are two good sources for this information: the DxO Sensor Scores and ClarkVision’s (older) tables.

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Aug 01, 2006 · Consumer point-and-shoot digital cameras costing under $300 are revolutionizing the way amateur astronomers take images of the sky. What makes a astrophotography camera so attractive is their versatility, ease of use, capability of recording color images in a single shot, their high resolution, and the elimination of film and processing expenses.

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Dec 21, 2014 · Unity gain is where one count on the sensor equals one count in the data. If you go too much below that, you lose resolution in the data. On the other hand, given 14-bit data, there is a maximum value that can be represented by a pixel count.

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Our new Atik Horizon camera is the first Atik Camera to use a CMOS sensor. There are plenty of differences between CMOS and CCD sensors, one of which being that our CMOS camera offers adjustable gain settings.
Oct 26, 2018 · 2. High gain, which gives you low read noise, short exposures, but also the lowest dynamic range. 3. Unity gain (117), which is a compromise between 1 and 2. My advice, start with near unity gain (120 - 125), and go from there. At gain 120, your camera switches to high conversion gain, where read noise is decreased, and dynamic range gets a boost.
Nov 26, 2013 · I am following Dave Harper on Twitter. He is a professor at West Point and a self-proclaimed Miltonist. He runs a blog here that focuses on Milton and astrophotography. It's an interesting combination. Dave presented on a Milton panel with Lara Dodds, who I am also now following on Twitter.
Amazingly low read noise (as low as 0.7e and just 1.2e at unity gain). QE Peak > 80% and outstanding sensitivity in the red and near IR. It also shares the same quirk as the ASI224MC, performing like a monochrome camera past 850nm where each indicidual filter of the Bayer arrayl shares nearly identical transmission. Astrophotography Performance
Dec 29, 2014 · There is a LOT going on in the world right now. Events are continuing to happen so fast we can barely keep up with them. Whereas there used to be perhaps 3 highly noteworthy stories to track per week, and they would nicely add up over a month's time into an obvious direction, that number is now up to 20 to 40 per week.

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Astrophotography Photographers. M78 2 Dec, 2020. Objects: Less More Technical Info . ... 72 x 600" ISO/Gain: 139 - Unity gain, UV-IR cut. Blue zone Light Pollution ...
In these difficult times, it’s important to be as creative as possible, and systems which deliver a sense of unity in an accessible and low-pressure format will go down well.